The roots of this Spiegeltent remain a mystery. In the golden Spiegeltent years, a lot of people wanted to have one. Many have tried to make a copy, which rarely succeeded. The established Spiegeltent makers had more work than they could handle, and received many enquiries for ambitious projects. Including our beloved Raine & Horne Wynnum Spiegeltent…

Meant to beat the competition, a couple of builders joined hands to create one of the biggest, and most luxurious Spiegeltents in the world. Inevitable were the artistic differences between modern or classic. After the project was shut down for a couple of years, one of the builders decided to continue with the project.

The interior was finished in classic, dark style. Only the best materials were used for the dancefloor and walls. As usual back in the days the build of a spiegeltent could take years, earning money bit by bit to buy all the different materials. Unfortunately the builder ran out of money to finalize the project.

Therefore the interior was stored – and seemed to be forgotten – until Rob van Rosmalen took a glance at this tent and bought it without hesitation. A new modern framework was built, and the venue was launched. After years of being forgotten, this Spiegeltent spreads her wings, and you can see her around the globe, including at Wynnum Fringe in the Wynnum Fringe Garden from November 16, 2022.


The (legendary) Vault was secured by award winning circus creators Head First Acrobats in the middle of COVID-19, and boy do we love a successful pivot story!

The geodesic dome is a dome-shaped vault invented by Richard Buckminster Fuller many moons ago and now is home to all types of live performance across the globe. The structure of the dome is based on the division of the icosahedron (a regular shape with twenty faces that also forms the basis of a football), with 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons.

Having played successful seasons at world renowned locations like Adelaide Fringe’s Garden of Unearthly Delights, we are honoured to welcome The Vault to the Wynnum Fringe Garden in 2022.

This is a classic space, reinvented.

Welcome to Bayside Music Hall – the home of world-class talent in the heart of Brisbane’s Bayside.

Discovered during Wynnum Fringe Festival, the auditorium within the Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre possesses the perfect ingredients for an old-school music venue; great bones, beers and tunes mixed in with that classic country feel.

Built in the 1970s by the community and for the community, this local staple with classic character is the next step in the Bayside’s cultural scene – with polished floors and a bar to boot.

Music lovers of the Bay and beyond can see the best local and interstate live music acts, conveniently located in the heart of Wynnum. A great excuse for a weekend away in the Bay!

Celebrate world-class music in your own backyard at Bayside Music Hall.