A polyamorous threesome née foursome descends into madness and accusation when the ghost of their fourth lover returns to haunt them – how fun!

A four-way polyamorous love square is shattered into a jarring triangle when one of the lovers returns as a ghost and declares that they have been murdered!

Who amongst them has committed this terrible crime?!

The mansion is boarded shut; the endlessly raining world outside is innocent; it has certainly come from within…

Will Moon Junes, Silly Goose and Puke ever discover the truth of who killed Fredenharry?

Betrayal, ecstasy, plague, flood and war – this is four-way love and death… this is Slippery!

Written and Directed by Esther Dougherty
Ben Snaith as Silly Goose
Siobhan Gibbs as Moon Junes
Grace Keane-Jones as Fredenharry
Gina Tay Limpus as Puke

DURATION: 50 mins

DATE: 4 December, 2022

TIME: 4:00pm and 7:00pm

RATING: All ages event

Presented by A Curtain World.

“Slippery embodies what independent theatre is all about – unapologetic rage, unapologetic joy, and an unapologetic sense of fun.”– Tristan Niemi, Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

“Never a dull moment…sensationally absurd, and highly recommended”– Kendal Lane, Theatre Haus

All venues are wheelchair accessible