Fresh from a national tour with The Superjesus to promote their new single ‘Money (We’re Only In It For Love)‘ Sarah McLeod is bringing back to the stage an updated reprise of her successful 2021 show ‘One Electric Lady’ which sees her performing with her dual output guitar. “I designed a guitar that could play bass and guitar at the same time, so when I add beats I sound like a 3 piece band”. On bigger shows and festivals she adds a drummer for more punch, on this tour she will be showcasing the more intimate stripped back versions.

 In 2021 Sarah had been teaching herself piano, she felt it best to learn on the job so she hired herself as a piano player to be the support act for herself as the guitar player. The combination of Sarah’s voice with the piano proved to be a winner and by the end of the tour the piano player had become the headline act. 

In 2023, the piano has been given a promotion and is now a fully-fledged part of her electric show. 

 Sarah will be performing beautifully broken-down versions of her solo and Superjesus back catalogue plus a few special covers.  

An evening not to be missed.

All venues are wheelchair accessible