Robbie’s Magical Oyster Show

“Robbie’s Magical Oyster Show” is an enchanting, interactive exhibit at the Fringe, revealing the intriguing world of shellfish reefs. Join us for a unique encounter with these misunderstood marine creatures. Through this engaging presentation, witness trained oysters in action and uncover their vital role in marine ecosystems. Robbie, our passionate host, will lead you through the oysters’ captivating abilities and their significant contributions.

Prepare to be awed by their exceptional filtration skills, their role in improving water quality, and their creation of thriving habitats for diverse marine species. This immersive show offers a newfound appreciation for these remarkable creatures and a deeper understanding of shellfish reefs’ importance. Don’t miss “Robbie’s Magical Oyster Show” for an unforgettable exploration of our marine environment.

All venues are wheelchair accessible