Best Before & Prosciutto

Prepare for a comedic extravaganza starring George Harris and Nicolas Angelosanto. Having trained under the renowned French clown Philippe Gaulier, they guarantee an unforgettable night full of clowning and physical comedy.

In Nicolas’s “Best Before,” watch Wendell on his hilarious dairy-themed journey as he works to find a feta whey to a lasting legacy.

George’s “Prosciutto” immerses spectators into the whimsical world of an aspiring poet, navigating a tumultuous past, zany antics, mommy issues, and a relentless self-critic with heartwarming humour.

Brace yourself for absurdity, and theatrical brilliance in this extraordinary double bill that promises unforgettable entertainment.

Rating & Information: 18+ Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Strong Language, Contains Distressing Themes

All venues are wheelchair accessible