Cedar & Pine-Live & Local: Nix Gross Janjari

Showcasing true local talent at Cedar and Pine, don’t miss this evening in concert with Nix Gross Janjari.

Nix Gross Janjari is a proud Quandamooka woman from the nunukal nugi geopul tribes of mijerribah, mulgumpin and winnam areas .

This singer-songwriter has a soulful folk-pop sound, thought-provoking lyrics & a humorous charm that will delight your heart & mind.

An intimate night of storytelling &  truth speaking through creative expression.  The artist shares her visual art and song lines that have allowed her a space to explore, process & heal the celebrations and challenges of life as a mother, a survivor, a creator,  a healer, and a proud indigenous woman. 

Join Nix Wed 30 for a humorous, cheeky yet charming evening of connection through her music.

DURATION: 60 mins

DATE: 30 November 2022

TIME: 6:30pm


All venues are wheelchair accessible