The whimsical journey of a man trying to fulfill his late Grandma’s wish to be on the moon.

Arnold is on a quest to deliver his grandma’s ashes to the moon, in an attempt to fulfill her dying request. Join him as he takes on a challenge of a lifetime.

Mothlight Theatre blends clowning, physical theatre, and earnest storytelling in this tale about coping with grief in the most adventurous way.

Calum Johnston brings a heartfelt, clowning comedy that will take you to the moon and back!

DURATION: 50 mins

DATE: 26 – 27 November 2022

TIME: 8:30pm & 6:00pm

RATING: Show contains smoke and humour best enjoyed by those aged 14+. Mature themes of death, parental guidance recommended.

Presented by Mothlight Theatre.

“It’s a whimsical one-man performance filled with self-awareness, self-deprecating humour, a puppet, space monsters, good music and offering plenty of laughs.” – Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

All venues are wheelchair accessible