The powerful and moving experience that left participants speechless in 2020 returns to Wynnum Fringe in 2022 hosted again by ex NRL athlete, professional actor, and life coach, Gideon Mzembe.

24 + 1 is dedicated to highlighting and bringing awareness to mental health. Part workout, part theatre experience, 24 + 1 is 24 minutes of alternating between two exercises: SQUATS and PUSH UPS. 1 minute each for 24 minutes in complete silence. Symbolizing the hours in a day. After 24 minutes, a minute of silence takes place (+ 1) to pay respects to those we have lost to the battle of mental health.

This project is an extension of Gideon’s philosophy that ‘you are more than what you have become, you are more than what happens to you.’

Who is it for?

This workout is suitable for all levels of fitness, there will be no indication of first place or ‘fittest athlete’, its purpose is to honour and recognize the silent mental health sufferers and its victims that have passed and that are among us. 

We are s honoured to welcome 24 + 1 and Gideon back to Wynnum Fringe. Especially after the past two years. 

What to bring:

For this workout, all you will need is a towel water bottle and yoga mat (if you wish, not compulsory)

About Gideo Mzembe of Zembition

ZEMBITION You Are More is an Australian-based health & lifestyle service & program provider. The brand was founded by health & lifestyle coach Gideon Mzembe to help empower individuals to “be more” than life’s negative circumstances.

Duration: 45 mins

Date: Sat 26 November, 2022

Time: 10am

Free entry. All ages event.


All venues are wheelchair accessible