International kids comedy sensation CHORES comes to Wynnum!

A comedy-circus show that sold-out at Edinburgh Fringe, Chores is the story of a brother and sister who have to clean up their messy room so they can ride their bicycles.

A storyline we can all relate to, this show is jam-packed full of cool stunts, acrobatics, roller skates, balancing acts and the infamous toilet paper guns!

With physical comedy suitable for diverse audiences, it requires little language and speaks to young and old alike.

Inspired by Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, this show is made for children, but there is plenty of hilarity to amuse parents and families too!

DURATION: 60mins

DATES: 26 – 27 November, 2022

TIMES: 12:00pm

Warnings/Rating: All ages event – but especially for families with kids!

“Awesome show. My 2 year old boy laughed from start to finish. 10/10! Highly recommend it. A must-see for the kids at the fringe!” – Garry Stevenson, Parent

“How many comics can make a few hundred people of all ages laugh consistently barely uttering a word.” – Get Your Coats On

“A relentlessly brilliant and silly slice of circus for young kids…It’s relentlessly, brilliantly silly, with the kind of observational accuracy about kids’ gleeful, malicious behaviour that parents will either find triggering or hilarious (but probably the latter).” – ★★★★ The List

“A pair of young, pre-vocal toddlers played by adult actors are instructed to clean their room, and what unfolds is a work of elegant simplicity which offers that often-touted but elusive Fringe promise of something enjoyable for all ages.” – The Scotsman

All venues are wheelchair accessible