Cheap Fakes: Pulp Fiction Tarantino Spectacle

Prepare for a cinematic thrill ride with Cheap Fakes:

About the Band:

Brisbane’s Cheap Fakes are an 8-piece musical force known for their genre-blending sound and electrifying live shows.

The Extravaganza:

In an epic collaboration, Cheap Fakes take on Quentin Tarantino’s iconic soundtrack PULP FICTION with additional Tarantino soundtrack gold. Imagine big-screen visuals, mesmerizing dancers, and a musical journey through Tarantino’s films. It’s more than a concert; it’s an immersive experience.

The Experience:

Get ready to groove to Tarantino classics like never before. From “Pulp Fiction” to “Kill Bill,” Cheap Fakes’ renditions are electrifying. Don’t miss this unforgettable night of music and cinema magic.

All venues are wheelchair accessible